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Titel: Different Faces
Release date: summer 2010

Mixed and mastered by Doc Rock at tronicarts studio, Germany
Produced by MAPULA

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Making of "Different Faces":
    Current productions with Thomas Polejowski / tronicarts:  
    Custard - Rorces Remain       Thomas: recording and mix at tronicarts studio, Germany

Interpret: Custard
Titel: Forces Remain
Release date: 2008
Genre: Power Metal
Mastering: Eroc's Mastering Ranch
Label: Dr. Music

Buy: amazon

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Tribute to Steel - ATribute To Warlock

Thomas: recording and mix of the title "Metal Tango" by "Custard"

Interpret: various artists - Warlock, Ivory Tower, Velnaya Staya, Custard, Chrystal Viper, Boomerang, The Mystery, Sabaton, Bone Shaker, Lonewolf, Emerald, Capital Sin, Eternal Winter, Ravage)

Titel: A Tribute To Warlock (with Doro Pesch)
Release date: 2009
Genre: Power Metal
Label: Pure Steel Records
Distribution: twilight-Vertrieb/Germany


Thomas: vocal recording of the title "95 - Nasty " by "Custard"

Interpret: various artists - 5th Sonic Brigade, Abigail, Adorned Brood, Agamendon, Black Destiny, Cold Colours, Fire, Custard, Gods Of Hate, Gwyllion, Hazyhamlet, Ingrimm, Kneipenterroristen, Lonewolf, The Chuckies, The Claymore, The Rugged, Torment, Tragedian, Vykyng, V8Wankers, Warhead, Wyldfyre

Titel: W.A.S.P. Tribute
Release date: 2010
Genre: Heavy Metal
Mastered by Marius Costache
Compiled and directed by Jens Pohl
Label: Remedyrecords

Fine Time - BIOSfear Thomas: recording, mix and 3D-composition (front cover) at tronicarts studio, Germany

Interpret: Fine Time
Titel: BIOSphere
Mastered by Sushiko - Roland Koch
Release date: 2008
Genre: Electro/Pop/Rock/Indie
Label: Sushiko-Music


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Drop Out - Rock Bytez Thomas: keyboards, recording, mastering, cover artwork at tronicarts studio, Germany

Interpret: Drop Out
Titel: Rock Bytez
Release date: 2006
Genre: Hardrock
Label: Rock Werk Records


Last Equinox - Arms of Babylon Thomas: recording, mix, mastering at tronicarts studio, Germany

Interpret: Last Equinox
Titel: The Arms of Babylon
Release date: 2006
Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Sushiko-Music




Russel Square with Thomas Polejowski and Klaus Walther:
to top Russel Square - Satisfied   Russel Square - ...satisfied

Thomas: keyboards, programming, mix, mastering, cover artwork at tronicarts studio, Germany

Klaus: electric and acoustic guitars, vocals

Release date: 2003

Special guests:
Jenny Cagna (voc), Kalle & Nicole Monhof (voc), Liane Vollmer (voc)




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  The Russel Square Oldies:

Russel Square

1993 - CD*
"Russel Square"


Russel Square - single "I miss You"

1988 - single (vinyl)*
"I Miss You"

Russel Square - LP - Step by Step

1986 - LP (vinyl)*
"Step by Step "


Russel Square - Single - "Roots"

1985 - single (vinyl)*

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