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The Masters of MAPULA - Thomas Polejowski / Klaus Walther  

Thomas Polejowski - keyboards, B4-Organ, bass


Thomas is beside Klaus the founder of MAPULA.
He composed most parts of the songs for "Different Faces".

The top priority for Thomas is that all songs become their own "character" which distinguishes many titles of the old hard rock era, unfortunately it get lost today more and more.
His keyboard play is strongly influenced by his "alltime-hero" - Jon Lord (Ex-Deep Purple) whom he got to know already personally.

For Thomas the keyboards in rock music are primarily a dramaturgically background part ("rock is guitar...").

Exceptions are titles where the organ is an equivalent antagonist to the guitars. E.g. the title "I've Told You Once" from the new album shows this impressively.

Klaus Walther - electric and acoustic guitars


Klaus is the "guitar power” behind MAPULA and co-writer of many titles of the album.
His own way of playing the guitar -which was stamped by his musical roots- is a beneficial contrast to the "faster than the rest" guitarists in the actual metal and hard rock scene.

Because of his sensitive and brilliant melodies he puts the finishing touches to the songs ("Turn To Grey").

Klaus loves hard riffs just as catchy  melancholy melodies. The title “The South” from the actual album is an outstanding example for his fine sense of a good melody.

"I don't wanna sound like X, Y, Z... I wanna sound like Klaus Walther... and MAPULA must sound like MAPULA - and that's important"... no more words to loose about it!

more about Thomas - see BIO


more abaout Klaus - see BIO

top Oliver "Olli" Strasser - vocals    
Oliver Strasser - vocals  

Without doubt: Olli belongs to the first league of the German rock singer's.

Beside his activity in his own band he also co-operated in various other projects. E.g. "Final Chapter",  a project in which also Tobias Sammet of "Edguy" and "AVANTASIA" performed.

We are glad and proud to win him for the MAPULA project.

His charismatic voice and his talent to adapt it to the atmosphere of the different titles, is an enrichment  for every song.

Olli has an expressiveness which makes him special - compared to many "Pseudo-Shouter" of various other bands. Three words: “A killer voice"!

Actually he is the lead singer of the band "Custard". He performed on Custard’s actual album "Forces Remain" and received nationwide and international only the best criticism for his voice performance.


Olli's bio is coming soon!  

top Jennifer "Jenny" Cagna - vocals / backing vocals
MAPULA - Jenny

Jenny was our first choice for the female part of the CD. We knew her from former productions and were always impressed from her fascinating voice.

She just has this "special timbre" in her voice which can barely be described by words.

On "Different Faces" she is the optimal supplement to Olli.

She supports the choirs. She can sound softly, breakable and nevertheless demanding like on the ballad "Only You are the One", Jenny is convincing!

We hope to hear new material from her very soon!

top Thom Thom - drums
Thom Thom - drums

By his virtuoso drum work e.g. with the Band "Last Equinox" or his actual project "Fine Time" we were impressed from Thom Thom. After a short check of a few MAPULA demo songs he was immediately ready to sit down behind the drums.

If you hear him playing you directly notice that, e.g., "Meshuggah" counts to one of his favourite groups.

But not only tricky rhythms also groovy, straight styles show Thom Thom’s competence on "Different Faces".

Thom Thom's drums have given the right groove to the songs.


top Further guest musicians :
Burkhard "Bo" Wigger - acoustic guitar on "April"   Bernd Frielingsdorf- drums on "April"
Burghard "Bo" Wigger Bo, a master of the acoustic guitar, was for a reworking of his actual CD with us in the studio. He heard "April", spontaneously he took his guitar, joined in, and already everything was on tape!   Bernd Frielingsdorf Bernd is a former Band colleague of Klaus. When we recorded the first song of the CD "April", he has immediately swung the sticks and a nice, laid back version was done.

The "Armageddon-Choir":

For their great performance within the song "Armageddon" we would like to thank heartly the following singers: Jenny Cagna, Peter Halbig, Maria Polejowski, Kevin Moors, Tina Jorny, Tobias Lordson