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2011-05-27 - Website
The English version of MAPULA's website is online!

2011-05-26 - New masteringe of some songs
We heve got so many positive feedback to our pre-promo CDs that we wanna give a big "THANK YOU" to all our fans!
Also our mastering-producer Dog Rock gave us a comment: "The sound from "Different Faces" is very heavy, but I think I can bring some songs to a higher level. Please give me some time to make some alternative masterings of some tracksx to show the extraordinary quality of the songs!".

We accepted his offer and wait now for his new versions! More infos coming later!

2011-05-24 - MAPULA video
After a long break again some news from MAPULA! We have finshed the video "My Father's Voice"! Because of different other activities it took longer than planned. But now it is online. Hope you enjoy it! Many thanks to Wolfgang Masanek for the perfect organisation on the location.
See the video!

2010-03-24 - First promotion CDs available in April!
At the moment we are looking for a label/distributor for the album "Different Faces". Because we have a lot of requests from our fans for a CD we decided to produce some promotion copies in advance. If you are interested please mail to
Please note it is a limited edition.

2010-03-16 - MAPULA in the radio!
MAPULA on air! "Coming Home" a title from the album "Different Faces" will be played on one of the most important radio stations in Germany on March, 24th! The song will be presented In the show "Musikszene NRW".

2010-03-16 - The new MAPULA website is online!

2010-02-28 - Mastering of Different Faces is finished
The mastering of "Different Faces" is finished! It has become a really modern, fat sound! Many thanks to our "Mastermind" Dog Rock!

2010-01-30 - Video "My Father's Voice"
We started with the first takes to our first video! It is the opener of the CD "My Father's Voice".

2010-01-18 - MAPULA celebrates a party
Let's have a party! The last mix of the 13 songs of the album has been finished! Cheers!