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Biography - Klaus            

Klaus - Grafik


Klaus wanted to learn playing guitar at the age of 14. So, a guitar was bought and now he had to "practice" (his mother despaired in the kitchen when "House of the Rrising Sun" was tried to play.... so many times).In the beginning of  the 70´s Klaus met  an old friend (Dieter Strack) who could be animated for the "Drum Part".

Short time later he met another friend (Winfried Bodenteich –second guitar-) met and the first Band was born. All this started in the early 70´s.

On countless "parties" always the same music was played: DEEP PURPLE (DP– in ROCK); a passion was born – which should really "struke" him some years later...

The first significant impression of a live concert came in 1971: TASTE (Rory Gallagher). This was the point for Klaus to play rock and blues rock from now on.

And so in 1974 the RUSSEL SQUARE BLUES BAND was formed. A lot of local gigs were played in the next years.

An important change happened in 1981 when keyboarder Thomas Polejowski joined the band. His keyboard style changed the bands sound into the pop rock direction which was the sound of these days. A close friendship between Thomas and Klaus during and outside of the music was born.

Russel Square was a very successful Band. After several singles, a LP, a CD as well as several radio and TV appearances they came to the point to decide to change to the professional music business or not. Most of the band members decided against the professional way.

In 1995 Russel Square resolves in friendship.

Klaus joined in 1997 the oldie cover band „Senior Service“.

Senior Service was a band with musicians of the local area. In this band also played Bernd Frielingsdorf (drums on MAPULA >  "April"). Everybody knews everybody from former times - so “Senior Service” was a great fun band.

When Klaus met his friend and „old“ companion Thomas some years later again, it was immediately clear for both to make music together again.

Fortunately Thomas had an own recording studio – tronicarts – and so every Friday they worked on a new CD based on old Russel Square material. The CD was finished in 2003 and appeared under RUSSEL SQUARE "SATISFIED".

Personal contacts and partly night-long talks with e.g. Eric Sardinas (Eric Sardinas Band – Meat Loaf), Doogie White (ex Rainbow) or Steve Morse (Deep Purpe), encouraged Klaus now, finally, to do what he always dreamed about
... namely...
to play the music of his heart. To play powerful rock of the 70´s and 80´s with the multiple influence of the actual music scene.

MAPULA was born.
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